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QCS Insurance Company

If your business is in the dairy or food industry and you are a member of QCS Purchasing (Allied Purchasing, Quality Chek'd or SECO) you have the opportunity to have ownership in an insurance company.  Current owners of QCS Insurance Company are Lochmead Farms, Pacific Foods of Oregon, Smith Dairy, Sunshine Dairy and United Dairymen of Arizona.

QCS Insurance Company is a homogeneous group captive.  Here are some highlights of the Captive:

*Eligible Lines are Workers Compensation, Auto (Liability and Physical Damage) and General Liability.  All, Some or One line of business can be written in the Captive as long as the minimum premium of $150,000 is met.

*You become an owner in an insurance company which means you direct the claims process.

*Homogeneous, so decisions are made by peers within your industry

*Able to earn underwriting profit and investment income.

*The Captive is in its 4th year with very profitable performance.

To learn more about QCS Insurance Company, please contact Amy Wagner at

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